Primera entrevista a Dan Whale

2014-10-27 09:09
Dan Whale is the English language assistant. He will be working in the school from October till the end of May. Good morning, Dan. We are going to ask you some questions for the school magazine. Where are you from? England, south west. What are you...




La Bea Ruiz, amb els seus alumnes a l'obtativa d'eduació física també fan activitats amb anglès.




Altres activitats que es fan al PILE de secundària:

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Segona entrevista a DAN WHALE

Hello, Dan. You are leaving at the end of the month and we wanted to ask you some questions about your year in IE 3 d’Abril.


  1. Have you enjoyed your experience in IE 3 d’Abril?

Yes, definitely. It’s an experience that I really liked.


  1. Did you make new friends?

Yes, I did, in different places. I met other language assistants and people in Mora d’Ebre.


  1. Tell us a good memory.

Last Saturday I went to Camp Nou to see the match Barça vs Atletic. It was incredible.


4. Do you feel comfortable?

Yes, in fact I think in the future I would like to teach.


  1. Would you like to return to this school?

Well, next year I’ll be in the university, but I’d like to visit the school again.


  1. What will you miss?

The weather, the people are friendly, and the students.


  1. Have you learnt Spanish or Catalan?

Yes, a little bit of both.


  1. What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt a little bit what it is like to teach in a school, about the Spanish culture, a different way of life.


  1. How would you describe your experience?

It was fun, nice. It was strange living by my own because in England I shared a flat.


  1. Have you visited any cities?

Yes, Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus and  Rome.


  1. What are your plans for the future?

I’m going to travel to Centre America with friends for five weeks. Then, I’m going back to university.


Thank you, Dan.

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